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“An amazing evening with Kristin as hostess. I really appreciated the ease of traveling in comfort with no worries about parking and driving home after the concert. I loved the performance. A very happy evening”.

(for CSO from Berlin to Broadway)



“I had a wonderful day out with Kristin Kinney and Taste of Life Tours at Art in a Garden. It was a totally hassle-free day (pick up and totally yummy lunch included) where I was looked after to perfection and was able to just enjoy the wonderful garden and sculpture/art exhibition. Thanks so much Kristin and John”

(for Art in A Garden 2017)



“Such fun, couldn’t think of a better way to spend my 50th!!!!”

(for King of Snake dinner)



“A very enjoyable first time to hear the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra and wonderful to be collected and delivered back home for a very relaxing evening out on Saturday night. Good company, and a lovely treat. Thank you Kristin and John for bringing this service to our district and best wishes for a successful business.”

(for CSO from Berlin to Broadway)

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