Taste Winter Newsletter

Taste of Life Tours is a local business offering both day tours and evening events. Kristin Kinney, along with her husband and co-host John, will help you explore Selwyn and beyond and ensure your experience is a special one.

Kristin loves people and loves culture. Her wish is to get people out and about, engaged with their community and engaged with the arts and local events.

There a many different tours and events available including farm and garden tours, concerts and theatre shows, private and corporate events and dinner evenings.

It’s been a delightful experience for Kristin and John to take their guests on previous tours and events. They would like to take this opportunity to thank their previous guests for their support, feedback and encouragement. They have loved the fun, laughs and memories they now share with you.

The next event is at the Wigram Air Force Museum with the Canterbury Symphony Orchestra performing “Fear & Courage”, Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony.

Taste of Life Tours can easily be found on Facebook or Selwyn Connect online directory. If you prefer traditional communication please give Kristin a call and she will provide information, including our upcoming newsletter, directly to your letter box. (The Ellesmere Echo, Volume 28, Issue 10, Thursday 24th May 2018)

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